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Media plans and marketing plans are living documents that should be fluid, and able to react to market conditions and performance as the campaign evolves.

Media is one piece of the pie. It should synergize and complement the messaging – both the content and the look and feel.  The more informed and integrated media is in the marketing process, the smarter the solutions will be.

Understanding the consumer is critical to effective communications.  It is easy to know what action we (L&L Media and you, the client) want the customer to take. It is not as easy to look at the world from the consumer's perspective and design the messaging and media in a way that resonates.  

Data, while critical to understanding campaign effectiveness, should not preclude testing creative ‘outside-of-the-box’ opportunities. 

While metrics may not be available for every medium, it does not mean that that medium is not doing its job. Offline channels might be harder to link directly to the achievement of the goal, but that does not negate their contribution.

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